Juniors And Seniors’ Promenade

Prom Queen and Face of The NightFaces of The NightFace of The Night




At the 26th day of February, our Prom was held, successfully. On that night that was very unexpected when I got the award of being the Face of The Night. And Yep, I admit it that time it was NERVE-WRACKING! They say I transformed from being the boyish-type to a standing-out girl. I was also surprised of what I was that night.


My Childhood Days.

Yamskie Cumpio.

On the month of April, year 1997 I was born. I started studying when I was only 4yrs. old. I graduated Kinder with an Academic award(I can’t remember what award was that but, I just remembered I did received an award.)  I was only 6yrs.old when I started Elementary. I graduated from Elementary with lots of awkward, funny and unforgettable stuffs with me. I haven’t even forget any of those. I don’t even have any regrets from what I had from the past ’cause for me MY CHILDHOOD WAS THE BEST! And I have the best FAMILY evaaaaar! I grew up with everything POSITIVE and believes in God! You guys should envy my childhood ’cause I did got everything I want, those things that a kid wants?! I got all of it! Then I grew up, cute! HAHAHA. By the way, I have to go! Can’t share more, the time is running. God bless y’all! Hope you guys keep in touch always! ;)))

For Sir Mark.

“The day you left Leyte, the heavens cried.”


Sir, are you an American? Why? Because it’s obvious. Sir are you Leyeco? Why? Because you light up my life.

Or are you a dictionary? Why? Because you gave meaning to my Life. Or are you tired? Why? Because you keep

running in my mind. HAHAHA! We were just messing with you. JOKE! We mean it!


Usa hadto hi Juan gin-sugo pag-palit hin raysang han iya tatay. Gin tagan hiya hin kwarta tas lumakat na hiya. Tapos dida ha dalan mayda hiya nakit-an nga nag-mumulay hin Basketball, tapos tumaya hiya. Iya gin-ubos an kwarta pagtaya. Tapos na perdi an iya gn tayaan, nawarayan hiya hin kwarta. Sakto umagi hiya ha simbahan, sumulod hiya, nag-pray kan Jesus, nasiring hiya “Papa Jesus, tagi gad ako hin raysang kay waray ko na kwarta, naubos pag-taya ko.” bumaton hi Jesus, “(Hi Jesus adto han cross) aadi idoy oh!” tapos sumiring hi Juan, “Usa manla ini, dugangi gad.” nasiring hi Jesus, “Adi pa idoy oh!” bumaton hi Juan, “Kulang pa ini Jesus, usa pa last na…” yumakan hi Jesus, “CHAMBA KADAW! Mahuhulog na gad ako didi sakto na iton.” HAHAHAHA!


By: Dezza & Gilbert.